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The Mallayudha Martial Art


The Mallayuddha Martial Art


Mallayuddha (literally "wrestling combat", ( devanágarí: मल्लयुद्ध ) is the martial art of classical Indian wrestling.

Mallayuddha is described in the Indian epics as the fighting style of warriors such as Bhima. From extrapolation of the epics, the art is supposed to have gained maximum prominence in ancient India at the time when the oral tradition of the Mahabharata was conceived. As the Mahabharata was compiled in textual form around the 5th century BC and the epic's setting has a historical precedent in Vedic India, it is believed then that mallayuddha was regarded as a prominent martial art in that era.

Generally Indian wrestling can be divided into two categories. The malla krida and the mallayuddha. Malla krida is the sports version while mallayuddha is the combat wrestling version.

According to the techniques and methodology used, the wrestling is divided in four types. Bhimaseni, Hanumanthi, Jambuvanthi, and Jarasandhi.



Hanumanti : Hanumanthi type concentrates on the technical superiority of the wrestler and here superior skill will help one to beat an opponent of greater strength.
Jambuvanti : Jambuvanthi wrestling uses locks and holds to force the opponent into submission.
Jarasandhi : Jarasandhi is the most lethal form among the above as it concentrates in breaking of the limbs and joints.
Bhimaseni : Bhimaseni wrestling stresses the acquiring of strength and its use. Most suitable for persons of huge build and strength.

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